Welcome to FashionSnapper.com

This web site has been set up to search and seek out commissions in both editoral and advertising fashion photography.

I am a young photographer, fresh out of the London College of Fashion and these pictures represent my fashion portfolio, and a few others thrown in for good measure,( who can resist temptation.), so, you can judge for yourself whether I am worthy of a commission. Please also feel free to send me constructive criticism or professional advice if you desire.
Although I have worked with a few designers, done numerous portraits, weddings and commercial commissions, I want to make fashion photography my speciality.

From my first fashion shoot at 16, I realised that fashion was in my blood, nothing beats the adrenalin rush one gets on the day of the shoot. From putting together a talented production team, solving problems, dealing with intense pressure, tight deadlines and explosive temperaments to transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary in a beautiful stylish photograph. Everything must make sense both visually and emotionally in order to create a look or a mood that consumers want in the idealized, ever changing world of fashion.